We are Manufacturers of Gears, Gearboxes & Gear Related Products.
We specialise in Design & Development of Custom Made Gearboxes, Replacement of Imported Gearboxes, Gear Inspection & Gear Grinding Services.
We also offer Gear & Gearbox Design Service.

About P.G. Drive

P.G.Drive has established a full line of gearing and gearbox products, to complement its quality and service efforts. Innovation and ever-increasing capabilities have always guided P.G.Drive’s visions. This has proved as a successful combination, yielding the comprehensive line P.G.Drive is proud to offer to its customers.To provide customers with a place to go with all their gearing and gearbox needs.

We pride ourselves on our quality, on-time deliveries and our competitive pricing. At P.G.Drive, our people make the difference, from state of the art engineering and manufacturing, to professional and friendly customer service. To us, our customers are not quick sales, but rather long term relationships.
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