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P G DRIVE can Manufacturer both Straight Bevel Gears and Spiral Bevel Gears as per standard or as per customer requirement.

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Spiral Bevel Right Angle Gears are most commonly used to transmit power between shafts that are at a right angle or 90 degree orientation to each other - although almost any shaft angle is possible. There are serious benefits to the spiral bevel design. With these gears, the gear teeth gradually enter into mesh during rotation until maximum mesh is achieved. The teeth then leave mesh in the same manner. The payoff is that these gears run smoother, quieter, and have greater load capacity than straight tooth bevel gears.

These bevel gear boxes have been successful throughout the power transmission field as a result of flexible combinations of attachment configurations, shaft layouts and rotation directions as well as in combination with other machinery such as screw jacks.

• This series uses a spiral bevel gear. After a special steel is heat treated, it is finished with lapping to improve accuracy.
• The shaft is made of heat-treated carbon steel in order to provide sufficient durability versus bending force.
• A tapered roller bearing is used to receive the radial load and thrust load of each shaft.
• The shaft layout is such that shaft "A" is supported with cantilever support while shaft "B" is supported from both sides. (However, in units with bearing housings, both shafts "B" and "C" are supported with cantilever support.)
• The housing is a strong cast steel box.
• Bevel gear boxes are lubricated with oil bath lubrication. The bottom of the gear case is an oil reservoir and as a part of the gear rotates through the oil, small droplets of oil are splashed throughout the inside of the gear case and lubricate the gear and bearing.
• Bevel gear boxes use an oilseal on the rotating parts and an O-ring or liquid packing for fixed parts to ensure that liquids do not leak outside.