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P.G Drive, is a full service gear and gearbox manufacturer. With either special or standard applications, our experience, coupled with modern technology, assures quality product solutions.

Co-Rotating Twin Screw Gearbox

Gear Teeth Grinding Service

Gear Teeth Grinding

Parallel Shaft Gearbox

Twin Screw Side Feeder Gearbox

Twin Screw Volumetric Feeder Gearbox

Rolling Mill Gearbox

Uncoiler Gearbox

Bevel Gears

Helical Gear

Worm Set

Spiral Bevel Gear Set

Ground Heical Gear Set

Spiral Bevel Gear

Spiral Bevel Gearset

Hollow Worm Gear Set

3 Stage Extruder Gearbox Advt.

3 Stage Extruder Gearbox

Single Stage Extruder Gearbox

Single Screw Extruder Gearbox

Single Screw Extruder Gearboxes

Planetary Gearboxes

PIV Gearbox

Two Stage Extruder Gearbox

Screw Jack

Plastic Industry Gearbox Product Range

Open Gearing

Melt Pump

Parallel Shaft Helical Gear Box

Helical Bevel Gear

Gear Box Section View

Custom Drives

Counter Rotating Extruder Gearbox

Co-rotating Twin Screw Extruder Eearbox

Overdriven Standard Worm Gear Box

Underdriven Standard Worm Gear Box

Standard Vertical Worm Gear Box

Worm Gear Motor

Heli Worm Flange Mounted Gear Motor

Heli Worm Shaft Mounted Gear Motor

Co-Axial Helical Gearbox

Flange Mounted Helical Gear Motor

Foot Mounted Helical Gear Motor

Cooling Tower

Bevel Miter Gearbox

Heli Bevel Geared Motor

Double Outout Worm Gearbox

Straight Bevel Gears

Shifter Bevel Gearbox

Worm Gearbox

Worm Gearbox Models

Piv Gearbox Chain

PIV Conical Discs

PIV Chain

PIC Cone & Chain

Worm Gear Box Foot Mounted

Worm Gear Box Vertical

Worm Gear Box Flange Mounted

Coiler Gearbox

Pinion Stand Gearbox

Rolling Mill Drive Gearbox