Plastic Gears

P.G DRIVE is a precision gear manufacturer and producer of custom plastic gears and more. Our engineering department can help in customizing gears to your drawings and specifications.

We specialize in manufacture of various types of gears viz. Internal, external, helical, spur gears, rack & pinion, worm & worm wheel in a variety of modules and in required polymers.

In addition to molded gears we can also manufacture hobbed gears from solid engineering plastics such as polyacetal (POM) and MC Nylon which is essentially polyamid resin. In addition, U-PE and PEEK can be used.

Plastic gears have significant advantages over their metal counterparts in several ways, they are

• Lightweight
• Rust-proof
• Quiet running
• Absorbs Vibration
• No lubrication

APPLICATIONS : Plastic Gears are used in various different industries and applications like:

Medical Equipment’s
Vending Machines
Textile Machines
Food Machines
Pharmaceutical Machines
Office Automation
Electrical & Electronic Machines
Recommended usage location of the plastic gear

Although the plastic gear has wear resistance and silence on the rotation, its strength is less than the steel gear, thus it is suitable for the drive system of office automation equipments, the loader of electric goods, and toys.

Below are some examples of plastic gears which are offered by us.

Plastic Gears


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